Rigging The Game
Episode 11: Wealth Acceleration with Dan Nicholson

Many of us dread tax season. But have you ever thought about ways you might shift to make the tax code work in your favor? Tax time gets a lot less frightening when you’ve got a plan to drive down your taxes and save for the future.

On this episode of the Rigging the Game podcast, Dan digs into Wealth Acceleration and lays out the exercise that will help you align your behavior with the tax code to your best advantage, as well as an example equation for turning a minimal investment into a massive amount of money.   

What You’ll Learn 

  • Why the tax system – whether we like it or not – is intrinsically fair
  • How different business entities get taxed (and how you can start to figure out where you want to be on the quadrant)
  • How to choose what you accelerate with your money
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“If your specific objective is to accelerate wealth, then you want to drive down your tax, take that extra money reinvested in things that are going to grow and accelerate.” Dan Nicholson

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