Rigging The Game
Episode 15: What True Client Service Means with Mark Fujiwara

There are plenty of ways to approach serving your clients. For instance, lots of service providers out there will simply ask what it is that the person wants, take them at their word, and simply accomplish the task at hand. But the ones who stand out above the rest know that there are so many levels beneath that conversation to explore. 

Mark Fujiwara was raised to run a business. From early childhood, he was witness to the inner workings of his family’s restaurant – and when that restaurant eventually shut down, Mark took what he had learned and applied it to his budding career as a stockbroker and his general love of numbers. From there, he went on to found what he refers to as a “family office,” through which he provides the highest possible level of service to each and every client, going far deeper than simple accounting. 

On this episode of the Rigging the Game podcast, Mark and Dan dig into the process of figuring out the “point” of what you’re doing for your client and focusing in on the one or two things that matter most to them, the unconventional methods Mark has used to excel at a given task (even something as small as selling pork buns), and how to engineer your conversations with clients to get beyond “more money” and dive into the heart of what they really want for themselves. Tune in to take your client service to the next level, and the next. 

What You’ll Learn 

  • What gross food-eating contests have to teach us about the art of rigging the game
  • How Mark assembled his team of professionals, from physicians to air travel experts, to better serve his people
  • Why working remotely during COVID-19 actually lends us a huge advantage in one very important way
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“It’s not the technical strategies, all the sophisticated, complex solutions you can do for clients. What really matters is delivering what exactly the client wants. And in doing this process over and over again, I found that my real value is understanding who the people I’m dealing with, what they really want and need and just really dive in deep into all the insights of their goals and their needs, situation, concerns, anxieties, what they really want to accomplish.”

Mark Fujiwara

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