Rigging The Game
Episode 9: Lessons From the Dishwasher with Dan Nicholson

Most of us have lived with a roommate or significant other with their own solidly-held ideas on how the dishwasher should be loaded, and we therefore know what it’s like to butt heads on the issue. How does the issue get resolved if both sides aren’t even using the same language?

This episode of the Rigging the Game podcast breaks down the difference between agreeing and aligning, tips for reaching a happy conclusion when communication has gone off the rails, and how alignment removes excuses and promotes progress. Listen in for important insight from an unexpected place.  

What You’ll Learn 

  • Why the word “agree” makes us hesitate
  • How to tweak your communication strategy for maximum efficiency
  • How confrontation happens in a room full of results-oriented people
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“The word choice of ‘agree’ tends to carry a lot of weight because you’re in your head. Like if I have to agree, then that means that it’s the way I would do it, and it’s not the way I would do it.” Dan Nicholson

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