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Get started by reading Dan Nicholson’s best selling book, Rigging the Game, to discover how to win at the game of life and business without compromising who you are.

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Best Seller

Dr. Jeff Spencer
Olympian and Coach to 40+ Gold Medalists
Dan Nicholson has masterfully broken down how to get clarity around your personal definition of wealth, certainty that you achieve it, and collapse the time so it happens faster than you ever thought possible.
Image of Dr. Jeff Spencer
Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
Founder, Muscle-Centric Medicine®
I have sought Dan’s consultation on multiple occasions. His work has helped open my mind and shift my perspective to create real and personal financial change. This is SO worth the read!
Image of Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
Randy Massengale
Former Senior Advisor to Bill Gates
Dan Nicholson uses his The Four Commandments of Wealth Building with precision and effectiveness that can restore your financial health. The fix is in, and Rigging the Game is a real winner!
Image of Randy Massengale
Jeff Moore
Founder of Thursday Night Boardroom
It is impossible to overstate the extent to which Dan Nicholson's concepts, perspective and intellect have impacted my life. His lessons go way beyond Learning Experiences.
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What is Certainty?

In the Rigging The Game world, we refer to “Certainty” as getting
what YOU want, on YOUR terms, without compromise.

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Preference vs. Binary
Infinite Number of Trade Offs
Asymmetry to the upside
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Every action we take needs to get us closer to what actually matters to us.
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Preference vs. Binary
We must be able to discern when there is and is not a
right or wrong.
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Infinite Number of Trade Offs
We must be aware that when we make one decision, we remove an infinite number of possibilities.
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Asymmetry to the upside
We understand that resources are scarce. All bets must have significant upside with little to no downside.
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The Four Commandments
of Certainty

To achieve “Certainty,” Dan built some rules which he calls “The 4 Commandments.” He calls them “Commandments” because it’s more fun (and, we’re less likely to violate “Commandments” then we are “Assumptions” or “Rules”).

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Rigging the Game

Rigging the Game Podcast is a top resource for entrepreneurs who want unconventional strategies and tips to win at business and life on their terms. Entrepreneurs who are breaking through barriers while setting new standards in their industry recognise that the cliché, cookie cutter, and conventional recommendations about finance and business don’t apply to them.

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Meet, Dan Nicholson

Best Selling Author + Entrepreneur + Certainty Advisor

A serial entrepreneur since birth, Dan Nicholson is the founder of multiple companies across finance, accounting, and software, but his real passion is teaching entrepreneurs and small business owners.  He takes the conventional and applies it to the non-conventional by helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs achieve financial certainty.

Dan is the founder of CertaintyU and creator of a 20-week entrepreneurial educational course and certification, Certified Certainty Advisor (CCA).  The CCA course teaches the concepts, principles, and action steps to becoming an extraordinary leader and reaching the top 1% of your industry.

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