Who is Dan Nicholson?

Full disclosure: If you’re inviting Dan to an event that requires travel, it’s probably a “no.” To use language from Rigging The Game, Dan is optimising for more time with his two daughters while they still want to hang out with him or a date night with his wife.

When he’s not trying to recover resources (time and energy) for his family, he’s still wondering why the Seattle Seahawks didn’t run the ball in the Super Bowl or ruminating over the Seattle Supersonics becoming the Oklahoma Zombie Sonics.

Headshot of Dan Nicholson

But, perhaps you were looking for the standard Bio stuff, so here goes…

A serial entrepreneur since birth, Dan Nicholson took a detour through the “conventional” model of graduating summa cum laude with degrees in Accounting and E-Commerce Information Systems, completing a fellowship at the Governmental Accounting Standards Board, working at Deloitte and various Fortune 500 companies, and being named to the 40 Under 40 list of global accountants four times.

One day, Dan woke from his cloud of dissonance, tired of the corporate drudgery of meetings about meetings and future meetings. Now, he takes the conventional and applies it to the non-conventional by helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs achieve financial certainty through several businesses he’s founded.

Not your typical CPA

(i.e., don’t call him an Accountant)

Most CPAs are archaeologists - they only want to dig up the past.

However, reducing your taxes and improving cash flow requires you to be future focused.  This is why Dan and his team at Nth Degree CPAs take the position of architect (not archaeologist).  Helping their clients build the future they want through customized financial planning that closes the gap while paying the least amount in taxes legally allowable.

Problem Solver

After speaking at a CFO conference with over 300 service providers, Dan realized everyone in the room had commoditized their offer.  Accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation is important, but what distinguishes you in the market?  Reputation certainly plays a factor, but price takes priority in the decision process when choosing between financial service providers.

This was the catalyst that led to Dan’s development of the Solvable Problem™, which can be explained as a way to help people identify their own personal definition of wealth.  The frameworks behind the Certainty Operating System are designed to help people close the gap and reach success as defined by their Solvable Problem.  This approach changes the math for financial service providers by removing the commoditization factor and prioritizing individual uniqueness as the driver to locking in financial certainty.  

Engineer of Luck

What we tend to label as “good luck” is actually just preparedness for the unknown.

Dan’s company, CertaintyU, helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs, business owners, and organizations move from a state of “if” to a state of “when” by giving them the tools to prepare for the unknown and engineer what others may label as “luck”.  This can also be described as consistently getting what you want most out of life.

Number Cruncher at Scale

Locking in financial certainty does require doing math, unfortunately.

The good news is that Dan created the Certainty App to help you crunch the numbers, and determine if your financial position is on track to closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be within your desired time preference.

The Certainty App helps you make better decisions by utilizing “profit priorities'', running calculations for your solvable problem, and tracking assets, liabilities, and cash flow.  Sign up for an account at www.certaintyapp.com