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Rigging the Game, by Dan Nicholson, teaches you the operating system for achieving financial certainty, navigating risk, and making money on your terms.

In this book, you can expect to learn about:

  • The top 3 reasons why some entrepreneurs and small business owners seem to always win while others fall behind.
  • The 4 wealth commandments for achieving financial certainty.
  • The formula that plagues the anxieties of most business owners, and the solutions for eliminating them.
  • Why the solution of just doing more is the wrong answer to any business problem.
  • Why you should not run a (rat) race against yourself as a business owner.
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This is a great read. I wish I had had access to books like this when I was young enough to get the most benefit from it. I am at the end of my life run and have arrived at the point I wanted to. A book like this would have helped me with some huge detours along the way and I may have gotten to my desired endpoint sooner. Closer rather than more should be a watchword for every entrepreneur. What use are all the toys off more more more if you leave a trail of wrecked lives in your wake.
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How others are rigging the game

Hear from graduates of Certified Certainty Advisors (CCA), and how they’re applying these principles to rig the game in their life and business.

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A message from the author, Dan Nicholson

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Are you a winner?

A question like this can make some people sit up a little straighter and exclaim, “You know it!” while others shy away from competition altogether.  If you’re an entrepreneur, you might not think you’re in a game of sorts, but you are.  For most of us who have entered the world of business, we all want to win - even if we don’t deem ourselves competitive.

Every day, month, or year can be reviewed as a win or loss, and for those who have endured the absolute struggles of running a business, working in one, losing one or being fired, you know it can often feel like gambling: excited but unpredictable.

You don’t have to be another failing statistic.  You can rise above.  You can be better.  You can win.  And while I want you to get revved up for what’s ahead, I also want you to remember one very important fact...

There is no way to win.  Success or “winning” is not that binary. Rather, the systems we will discuss are intended to get you closer to what you want without becoming someone else.

So if you’re ready to rig the game in your favor, let’s close the gap and open the door to possibility.

I'm Ready!