Betting on the Upside With Jay Bhakta

When was the last time you approached a big life or business shift with rose-colored glasses? And which drawbacks did you discover afterward? No one likes being blindsided by the downside after making an exciting new change. There is a way to make sure you’ve considered all angles before making a move. Jay Bhakta is a tax professional, business owner, and family man who is dedicated to helping young people learn strong lifelong practices around their finances, their decisions, and their overall confidence. On this episode of the Rigging the Game podcast, Dan and Jay go over the rhythms the tax industry goes through and how they have impacted Jay, viewing big decisions with a bias towards asymmetry to the upside, the barbell model of weighing choices, and how that model has helped Jay operate with more confidence without depending on just one business. Listen in to add another invaluable decision-making tool to your toolbox.

Key Takeaways

  • How Jay began reevaluating his businesses in the context of his life as a husband and father.
  • What Jay learned after making a big investment in a fitness center without stepping back to view the downsides.
  • How Jay is turning his insight from CCA and the barbell method into a way to give young people the frameworks they’ll need to make better decisions throughout their lives.


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