Knowing Yourself and Playing Your Game with Dan Barrett

How much time do you spend following your own advice instead of someone else’s? In life and in work, it can be hard to tune out the ready-made business advice all over the Internet and move forward the way only you can — but the rewards are worth it. Dan Barrett is an artist at heart and an online real estate marketer by trade, as well as the founder of AdWords Nerds. He combines both his creativity and his business skill sets to help those around him live more fulfilling lives. On this episode of the Rigging the Game podcast, Dan and Dan discuss the meeting of creativity and analytical skills in each of their personalities (and how bias can affect whether you primarily see one or the other), the moment Dan B. realized he needed to put the preference vs. binary concept into play in his SEO work, plus the questions he now asks himself to figure out whether he’s making the best decisions possible, and how intentional, consistent writing has changed Dan B.’s life, work, and sense of self for the better. Tune in for an episode that will begin to break down your boundaries and help you mold your life in a way that works for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Why Dan Barrett sees both creativity and analysis as paths to get to the same place — and why the end goal matters more than how you get there.
  • Why following the same checklist and practices as your competition won’t put you ahead of the game, and how to change your direction.
  • How Dan Barrett learned to embrace his rebellious streak and evolve beyond it to sculpt the best possible version of himself.


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