Reevaluating Your Opportunities With Ben Frank

Is your perspective holding you back? It’s easy to believe that the future of your business, and even your family, rests on the next big project or partnership. When you’re in that place, having partners and mentors to help you pinpoint what’s worth pursuing makes all the difference. Ben Frank and his wife Joyce are dedicated to helping kids (and humans in general) reach their highest potential through athletic programs and education initiatives including the Play Big Project. On this episode of the Rigging the Game podcast, Dan and Ben discuss the advantages and challenges of running a business with your spouse–including letting each set of talents shine, not only deciding what you want but accepting what you want, and how being committed to playing your game and letting go of the outcome changes every relationship you have, from your partners to your clients to your family. Tune in for an episode that will revamp how you show up in business and in life.

Key Takeaways

  • What Ben and Joyce realized about dividing their strengths and passions versus bringing them together, and how they changed course to become better than ever.
  • How Ben learned to reject a black-and-white view of business opportunities and worked to mold them to his priorities instead.
  • How letting go of your limiting beliefs and need for “more” opens up a world of options and opportunities you never knew existed.


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